About Us:

Our Mission

"Find Your Chill"

The name Lucid Lounging, stems from the outlook that there is an art to relaxing, that should allow you to calm your mind and body, while being fully aware of your surroundings. Actually, incorporating  your environment into your efforts of seeking peace. (Finding Your Chill) "Be Still, Yet Vigilant" (Original Quote)

The musical Production style on all tracks, is fueled by the desire be transported to a more relaxed mental and emotional space through the interplay of sounds: crescendos, chords, beats and melodies. Not focused on a vocalist expressing their thoughts OVER the music. The SOUND is the main feature, as is true in classical/orchestral music. With my own flair driving it. I, as a former U.S. Marine, needed an outlet for my creativity, and an escape from internal turmoil. (PTSD) No other genre could provide this, so I created my own brand of Escapism. So Lucid Lounging was born.  

As of the creation of this website, we aim to provide great music, and recommend amazing retreat destinations; as well as products and services, all catering to our shared need to unplug at times. Even if you physically must remain in your surroundings, close your eyes and, "Escape Into The Vibe", or seek out one of the venues we hope to be partnering with, as we grow our family of those who appreciate the value of offsetting stresses. We would appreciate your joining our community by signing up for free updates on reviews of venues, lists of spas and parlors, getting pre-release chill vibe music, and seeing our shared site become a place of refuge from life's challenges. We are open to submissions for reviews from businesses, as well. E-mail your requests and suggestions, and we all will share the gift of peace. Thank you for visiting.